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mbsinsideMiami Bus Service wants to offer you and your family
the best service money can buy, that is why we do
everything in our power to provide you with a
number of services at minimum or no cost to you.

All of our buses have reclining seats, restroom,
air conditioning, reading lights and TV/VCR/DVD. 
Blockbuster’s new releases are shown on every
trip. We offer weekly transportation to the following
destinations: Orlando, Fort Pierce, West Palm Beach, Pompano, Golden Glades and Miami.

The following are services offered to our customers for free unless indicated.

  • Students who live on campus will be dropped off at their respective dormitories at no additional cost to them.
  • We offer families with the opportunity to send packages to their loved ones at a modest fee of $5.00 dollars per box, and viceversa.